initial Ayurvedic consultation


In an initial 90 minute consultation we’ll begin to lay the foundations down for setting up your customized Ayurvedic Wellness Plan.

What’s included with a consultation:

• Full health history and assessments will be conducted in order to determine your current elemental constitution and identify possible imbalances.

• Lauren will also observe and analyze your physical state and conduct tongue, facial, and pulse diagnostic techniques in order to tap into more underlying issues which may not be apparent on the surface.

• Recommendations may be given, including: dietary adjustments, herbal, and lifestyle recommendations. Ayurveda has a lot to offer!

• We will take a look at some of the modalities which would be most balancing and beneficial for your specific energetic and constitutional make up!

Follow-up consultation

45.00 (30 minutes)
$70.00 (60 minutes)

Follow up appointments may be scheduled only after the initial consultation has completed and you are ready to continue your healing journey.

What’s included in a follow-up consultation:

We will continue to monitor your progress using the herbal and lifestyle changes first recommended and make slight adjustments based on your particular needs.

What Clients say

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Lauren’s workshops.  She is an approachable resource and an engaging speaker!”

“Lauren’s manner is informative and never intrusive, she teaches and follows up with care for the person.” 

“Lauren provided me with recommendations of tinctures to use to assist in the suppression of a re-occurring virus.  Her recommendations were spot on and I have been able to live without a recurrence of this virus.  She even went so far as to find a very reputable source for the tinctures.  I now no longer require daily doses of chemicals prescribed by physicians.”

“Lauren’s oil blend helped ease the inflammation/pain located on the nape of my neck and lower back. She sugggested a ginger oil blend (mixed with other oil elements) and advised me to massage a small amount on the affected area and, no lie, my pain began to decrease within seconds! I was surprised the blend worked so fast. I without a doubt recommend Lauren’s work, she does it with the goodness of her heart and it shows by the quality of her work!”

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